Sydney has some of THE most stunning waterways in the world, it's famous for it, but I think there is so much more to explore than the highly documented beaches like Bondi, Manly and Coogee. Sydney Harbour itself is often shown merely as the waterways around iconic structures like the Opera House and of course, the  bridge.

I want to explore the lesser known waterways around Sydney; the waterfalls, the streams, the sections of the harbour that rarely appear in tourism brochures. 

It’s almost hidden now and many Sydneysiders are completely oblivious to both its significance and its location but this unassuming (and perhaps ugly) fountain is actually on the site of Sydney’s original water supply.

As I've previously mentioned, I grew up in the wonderful St George region of South Sydney. I have always felt that I was lucky to have grown up in that area; people seem to have a strong sense of community, the streets felt safe and the suburbs still maintained a wonderful balance between nature and...

To me, my Grandparents house was magical. It was a two story white house at the bottom of a very step hill, the kind you'd avoid walking up at all costs. My pop proudly installed a flag pole and raised the Australian flag every morning and brought it in every evening as the sun went down. He did it...

Recently my Grandmother passed away.

To say I adored her would be an understatement. I know that my love of understanding deeper Sydney (and discovering wider Australia) comes from my grandparents, through my own Mum who has always instilled her fascination of “trying the new” in me. I used to longin...

This morning I asked my 3 year old son how he would like to spend the day; "Um, I want to go bush walking, swimming, scooter riding, play at the park and go on an adventure!". Righto, a National Park it is then!

Naturally, the first one that came to mind is one of Sydney's true hidden secrets; Neilso...

Lobster Beach: it's a bit of a hike to get here (esp with toddlers) through the Bouddi National Park but boys it's worth it. True hidden gem. (That's Palm Beach you can see in the background).

You need to be reasonably fit to survive the big hills/stairs (def not pram or wheelchair friendly).

We carri...

Well we had another  surprisingly wonderful adventure today. The boys and I visited the secretive Mermaid Pools in Manly Vale. 

You'll find them just prior to the Manly Dam entrance, marked by a sign that's relatively easy to miss.

Apart from this swimming hole being another breathtaking one of m...

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A native Sydney girl, who adores her home town. Everything I do, I do with my two boys by my side. It's amazing to discover just how much Sydney has to offer.

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