Wandering the city streets

It's funny how you suddenly notice things out of the blue that you have walked passed hundreds of times before.

These are Australia's first bricks and you can see them for your self on the corner of Bridge & Phillip St in the city.

Over 5000 bricks were used during the two year construction, some transported on the first fleet and others made from Sydney sandstone and shellfish from the area we now know as Darling Harbour.

You may have walked passed this unassuming historical site (out the front of Sydney Museum) many times and not realises its significance. The bricks formed part of the first government house in Australia built in 1788. It acted as both a residence and an office for Governor Arthur Phillip who laid the first foundation stone himself only four months after the first fleet arrived.

The dwelling is also credited and being the first two story building in mainland Australia.

It's a little cool being able to stare at these bricks and image what life was like for those who lived within them.

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