What a Stunner!

Lobster Beach: it's a bit of a hike to get here (esp with toddlers) through the Bouddi National Park but boys it's worth it. True hidden gem. (That's Palm Beach you can see in the background).

You need to be reasonably fit to survive the big hills/stairs (def not pram or wheelchair friendly).

We carried our kids in, had a wonderful time on Lobster beach playing in the sand, swimming and building castles with shells.

Our kids are still only toddlers and as we hadn't anticipated the effort required to walk their in the first place, we decided the most fun (and energy efficient) to get out of there was to order a water taxis to come and pick us up :) He agreed on a time with the driver and he was prompt in picking us up. Even getting into his boat was a world of fun for the everyone!

The kids thought it was fantastic and so did we. No toilets or garbage bins so must bring everything in and take it all out with you.

The day we visited, the water police were doing a big operation targeting jet skiers and speeding boats. I can see how it could be a bit of an issue sharing such a small space with so many water vessels - this is essentially a fishing town so the waterways are already rather busy...plus the seaplane lands here from Sydney too.

How to get there?


We were staying at a family residence in Wagstaffe at the time and simply walked down Wagstaffe Ave until we came across a walking track with signs to Bouddi National Park as seen in the photos below.


If you were driving to this spot, there is plenty of street parking available. Be sure to drive past the township of Killcare and into Wagstaffe. Instead of turning right to get to the ferry stop/local shop, turn left and you'll note a cluster of cars around the entrance to the National park on the right hand side of the road.


If you don't feel like driving into the Central Coast and back down again, a quick way to get here from town would be to jump on a ferry at Palm Beach and get off at the Wagstaffe wharf. Turn left onto Wagstaffe Ave until you see the National Park signs on the right hand side of the road.

Follow the path straight up the hill and back down again, you simply can't miss the beach!

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