Mermaids are real

Well we had another surprisingly wonderful adventure today. The boys and I visited the secretive Mermaid Pools in Manly Vale.

You'll find them just prior to the Manly Dam entrance, marked by a sign that's relatively easy to miss.

Apart from this swimming hole being another breathtaking one of my new fav Sydney's Secret places, it also ticked another of my extremely high up bucket list items - we spotted a platypus and a Bilby here (plus loads of lizards & turtles), in the wild, witness with our own eyes!!!

Could not believe it!! Had to come home to research if what we'd seen was even possible before I could bring myself to post it!!

According to urban folklore, The Mermaid Pool derived there name from the girls who used to swim there naked during the depression years of the 1930's. It is a natural pool at the base of Manly Dam and was once a pristine waterhole surrounded by bushland and rainforest. These days of course, its surrounded by houses and rubbish/stormwater runoff has unfortunately seriously affected the water condition.

A dedicated team of local volunteers (the Mermaid Pool Bush Regeneration Group) has spent many years trying to restore the pools to their former glory.

Beautiful spot, beautiful scenery. AMAZING day. Get out and adventure Sydney people!

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