Rose Seidler House, Wahroonga.

Did you know you can visit this iconic home on Sundays? Designed by Harry Seidler (Award winning architect who designed over 180 buildings including the MLC Centre, Australia Square and Grosvenor Place) for his parents in the late 1940’s, the Rose Seidler House is “one of the most highly recognised examples of 20th century Australian modernist architecture”.

For me, what I found remarkable about this house, is that as you walk around it, you can easily forgot that it’s original fittings and furniture are over 60 years old. So modern in design are they that you would easily confuse them with fixtures found in todays retail stores like Ikea. The bathroom, for example, has frosted splash backs, the living room- a built in entertainment unit. I had to keep reminding myself how cutting edge these designs would have been in the 50’s. I loved the kitchen too - apparently, thanks to its modern appliances all shipped in from overseas, it was worth more than the entire house!

But I think what I like most about this house is that is encompasses the Aussie way of life in that its actually one of three homes (the others are nearby but privately owned) designed as a form of communal housing that draws the family back to the parents house as the centre piece. This is reason for the famous ramp running down the right hand side of the home.

How to get there:

Address: 71 Clissold Road Wahroonga

Opening Hours: Sundays 10am-4pm except Public Holidays.

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