A native Sydney girl, who adores her home town. Everything I do, I do with my two boys by my side. It's amazing to discover just how much Sydney has to offer.

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It's All for them and me marketing agency. 

About Me, well Us really.

I once heard a mother say that she put her toddler son in daycare because she couldn't be bothered thinking up things to do with him at home. 

I never want my kids to feel that bored with life.

I am one of those annoying people who never really wanted kids because I was too busy living it up, eating whatever I wanted, travelling overseas multiple times a years and focused nearly all my attention on my career. But then they came along. These amazing bundles of beautiful that changed me from head to toe and everything in between.


If it weren't for you my darling children, I would have never learned how adventurous life can be, how exhilarating it is to discover (and rediscover) the simple things in life like a new park or a slice of history you never knew or a secret waterfall that flows in the middle of suburban Sydney now hidden by project homes. Oh how beautiful it is to see things through their new eyes. To them, life is an adventure; it's all about exploring, experimenting and conquering and I'm thrilled to be able to facilitate that ride...for me AND for you.

My passionate for adventure comes from my amazing mother and in turn, her parents before her. I truly love this breath-taking country of mine and, as much as I love overseas travel, (and boy do I love overseas travel) I have to say that discovering Australia especially Sydney, gives me such an immense sense of pride and joy. There is so much here to soak in, beyond just the iconic list in the travel guides.

Before I had my boys, I honestly had no idea just how amazing Sydney was.

So, Come, play tourist with us, in our very own backyard.

It'll be fun ;)

Contact Us via email on sydneyssecretplaces@icloud.com

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